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Reviewer: Nia (Anonymous) [Report This]
Date: 25/11/2009 11:12 | Title: Chapter 1

Where's the rest? This story has the makings of something really great. I would love to see you write more. Right now I feel like I'm hanging off the edge of a cliff, and the only person with a rope just walked away! Don't leave! Throw me a line.  :)

Great job. A little late for Klaus to be asking how many now. Dorian should tell him, "Infinity, plus you." I never pictured Klaus the type to ask something like that. It was always presumed or implied to be alot, why freak out now? See, you have to keep writing, you have to answer these questions.

Author's Response:

Thank you! I am extremely happy you liked the story (even if it is frustrating...) 

I was not planning to write more because I envisioned this as a final good-bye. Klaus can't get over it, and Dorian can't really answer his question in a way that Klaus can be satisfied with (basically, there's no way to make a jealous person non-jealous. They have to get it over with in their own mind, which is arduous at best).  Also, Dorian's pride is a huge nasty beast, and is not taking it kindly to be called slut *after* he and Klaus finally got it on. 

 As to why Klaus asks only now. I kinda thought it was early days, if not the first time, and while Klaus might have thought it was ok *before*, he is finding that close horizontality changes one's perspective. 

 Anyway, thanks again for commenting -- I will give some thought to the idea of a sequel, but I cannot guarantee it will happen. I am currently in the middle of big life changes, and I am writing TWO novel-length Eroica stories, so I have my arms very full. Of course, nothing stops you from writing the sequel yourself, as long as you acknowledge it is inspired by my story, and it links to it. Actually, I'd like to see what you make of it :-)))


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