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The rules here are few, but strictly enforced:

1. No plagiarism. If you copy a story from this site and post it elsewhere with your name on it, if you "borrow" bits of a story or other work without permission or credit, if you post a story here that is not your own...I will find out. I am an academic; we eat plagiarists for breakfast.

2. If you would like to include a story from Fried Potatoes in your own archive, you must ask the author's permission.

3. Many (okay, most) of these stories are of an adult nature. That's a nice way of saying, "we write porn." If you are too young to read that sort of thing legally, please don't read it. I have age restrictions on some of the material for a reason. I don't need angry mothers bitching at me or the other authors via email.

4. Most stories submitted will be reviewed by an admin prior to posting. If your story is rejected, we will tell you why. Unless we explicitly state otherwise, you are more than welcome to modify your story and submit it again.

5. No trolling or spamming of any kind.

The TOS may be modified at any time as I see fit. If you have any questions, I can be reached at


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