Dungeons & Dorian by Margaret Price

Eroica breaks into Schloss Eberbach and finds more than a skeleton in a closet.

Warnings: BDSM, graphic sex, threesome, PWP, Klaus abuse
A follow-up story to "Discipline."

Characters: Dorian, Klaus, Z
Genres: Alternate Universe, First Time, PWP
Warnings: bdsm, graphic sex
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Series: PWP and Other Smutty Things, Faux Zine Series
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The Dungeon by Margaret Price

Word count: 3,181
No dragons in this dungeon.

Z had never felt more helpless than he did as he sat blindfolded, gagged, and securely bound to a chair while, a few feet away, the Major fought with the assailant who had surprised them at the start of one of their "discipline" sessions. Z struggled furiously against his binding but to no avail. He cursed the fact that this was one of the times that the Major had tied him so that he could not escape. The fact that he was also practically naked did not help matters, either.

Across the room, the Major loudly cursed up a storm as Z heard the unmistakable sound of handcuffs snapping shut. Then the stream of obscenities was abruptly cut off and were followed by angry muffed sounds, both indications that the officer had been gagged. The angry growls grew louder and Z heard what could only be the Major thrashing on the floor. This went on for several minutes before there was an eerie silence.

"There. That should hold you."

Z actually jumped when his blindfold was pulled off and he found himself staring up into the angry face of the Earl of Gloria, who looked very out of place in his black catsuit. Out of place in the fact that he was fully clothed while Z and the Major were practically naked, dressed only in leather straps.

Z quickly turned his gaze to the Major, who was again struggling furiously against his bindings. His hands were handcuffed behind his back, his feet tied together with rope that had been pulled over the links of the cuffs, very effectively hog-tying him.

Despite his shock at the sudden appearance of Eroica, Z found himself impressed at how quickly he had subdued the Major, of all people. He had obviously used his element of surprise very efficiently to his advantage.

"I doubt I'll get a straight answer out of him," Eroica said with barely suppressed rage, nodding in the Major's direction. "But you are a different story, aren't you, Mr. Z?" He threw a murderous look across the room. "Being such a good German boy."

The Major responded with a loud growl, struggling a few seconds before giving up and lying still.

Eroica turned his burning gaze back to Z, pulling the gag from his mouth. "Well?" he said coldly.

"Well, what?" Z replied, swallowing hard at the same time.

"You know what I'm asking. When did..."—Eroica waved his hands to take in the room.—"This all start?"

Z remained silent, looking into the cold, angry blue eyes. He had been trained in interrogation, giving and taking, and had first hand experience with the KGB. But the current situation was not what one would call normal, nor was the setting. And there were all the different devices at the Earl's disposal, none the least of which were the dreaded electrodes to the groin.

I'm here to learn discipline. Yeah, doesn't that sound fucking convincing? Z thought. He slowly turned his gaze to the Major, seeing him staring fixedly at him.

Eroica followed Z's gaze, his eyes narrowing. "Tell your slave he can talk to me, Major," he said through clenched teeth. "Or I'll forget that I love you, cut off that magnificent cock of yours, and take it with me."

The Major's eyes widened and he bit down on the gag in his mouth. He had actually been shocked that the Earl had not immediately started in on his "magnificent cock," considering how helpless he now was, and the fact that he was practically stark naked.

Z watched as the Major thought things over, closed his eyes, and then nodded. He looked up, meeting Eroica's expectant gaze. He drew a deep breath and told him about the sessions, how they started, how long they had been going on, and—in part—what had been going on.

Eroica's mouth dropped open, his face going pale as the whole, sordid story of what had been going on in the lower level of Schloss Eberbach came flooding out.

*  *  *  *  *

"You know, Major," Dorian said conversationally as he strapped a harness around the bound officer's torso, "it was very thoughtful of you to have all these lovely gadgets installed."

The still gagged Major responded with an angry growl, thrashing against his restraints at the same time. After a short search, the Earl had discovered padded cuffs with rings attached, which he had put on the Major's wrists and then locked together with a padlock before removing the handcuffs, which seemed to be biting into the man's wrists. He attached another set to the man's ankles, locking them together as well. He promised not to connect then to the wrist cuffs so long as the officer did not attempt to kick him. The body harness made it possible for the Earl to lift the bound officer from the floor using a chain and pulley system that was run along the ceiling.

Once the Major was upright and suspended from the floor, Dorian stood in front of him, meeting his angry glare with one of his own. He pulled the gag from the man's mouth and waited for the stream of insults and curses to follow.


The tension in the air was palpable. The bound and helpless Z sat watching the confrontation, the hairs standing up on the back of his neck. After he had finished telling his tale, the gag had been returned to his mouth, not that he would have done any yelling. He suspected that the Earl was just too upset to hear more. In fact, he felt sure that the man was so angry that he was capable of anything, including raping the Major out of spite. It certainly seemed his intention.

"Well?" Klaus said finally, shifting his weight in the harness.

"Well?" Dorian replied, his eyes narrowing.

The pair continued to stare at one another.

"What would you do if I kissed you, Major?"

Z saw the Major's eye flicker ever so slightly a split second before the Earl was kissing him for all he was worth. Z wasn't sure if the sounds he heard rising in the Major's throat were protests or approval.

I want you! Dorian thought as he hungrily captured the Major's mouth. Dear God, that's all I've ever wanted, and here I find you with Z! Bastard! I should hate you! I should feed you your nuts for lunch! I should...should... Oh, Christ, you smell so good. And taste wonderful. I want to eat you alive.

The Earl's thoughts were derailed when he realized the Major was kissing him back with a passion equal to his own. He ran his fingers through the man's hair, getting lost in the moment as one hungry kiss followed another. Then he felt the man's magnificent cock starting to press against him as his passions ignited a glorious erection.

Dorian stepped back, his eyes glistening. He threw a glance in Z's direction, seeing him watching with wide amazed eyes. Oh my! Two not-so-good German men all to myself!

Dorian looked around the unfamiliar room and then up at the track from which the chain suspending the Major was attached. He gave the man a push to position him over a ring set into the floor that had another chain attached to it. He brought this up, and used it to secure the officer's feet, locking them into place.

The Major remained silent as this was done, watching as the Earl briefly struggled with the chain before getting the padlock to snap shut. Then the man's long fingers were reaching up to rub his bare legs and he drew a deep breath, closing his eyes at the same time.

Klaus felt his eyes rolling into the back of his head. His head fell back, a loud moan rising in his throat, his body shuddering as a feather light touch brushed the full length of his straining erection.

"Tell me, Major," Dorian purred, "do you ever let Z discipline you?"

"Nnn...nnn...Nein..." Klaus stammered out as the Earl continued the gentle, caressing touches, the fingers of one hand being joined by the other.

"Oh, such a shame," Dorian sighed. Then he slowly ran his tongue up the man's cock, causing him to gasp and moan. This was followed by a whine of frustration when he stopped. "Oh, and this from a man who's supposed to be teaching discipline," he teased.

There was no way Klaus could deny it, and little he could do about it while suspended above the floor and anchored into place with chain. The Earl continued his maddening antics for several minutes until the officer felt sure he would go insane. Finally, he let out a loud cry of frustration before struggling against his bindings,

"Do you want it, Major?"

"What do you think?!"

"I want to hear you say it," Dorian laughed, brushing his fingers over the man's erection and causing him to shiver.

"Argh! Bloody pervert!"

Dorian laughed all the more. "Listen to the pot calling the kettle black. I'm not the one dressed in leather bondage gear, Major, dear. Although...I do like the boots." He threw a quick glance over to the wide-eyed Z. "Nor am I screwing your ‘good German boy' either."

"You're fucking enjoying torturing me, aren't you?" the thrashing Klaus snarled.

"You know it." The Earl raked his nails up the man's legs, a satisfied smile coming to his face when the officer arched his back and moaned loudly. "This is a dream come true."

And my nightmare! Klaus thought as the nails caused Goosebumps to spring up all over his body.

Dorian stopped long enough to retrieve a tube of lubricant from a nearby table. When he turned back, he saw the Major's wide eyes on him. He returned to stand in front of him, looking into his face for several seconds before asking, "What's the safe word?"

This was obviously not what the officer expected to be asked and he blinked. "What?"

"Your safe word," Dorian repeated, throwing a quick glance in Z's directions, seeing he was equally surprised. The Earl rolled his eyes, heaving an exasperated sigh. "Oh, really!" he said, shaking his head. "I will admit to being...miffed when I saw you two about to—well, you know. And I will also admit that I wanted to cut your balls off because of it."

The Major's eyebrows went up, but he wisely remained silent.

"And despite everything you have ever thought about me, Major, I am not a rapist," Dorian stated flatly. A small smile twitched at the edges of this mouth as he added, "Although I did fondle the goods quite a bit, didn't I?" His hand moving down to gently stroke the man's magnificent cock.

Klaus closed his eyes, drawing a deep breath, his back arching of its own volition. Even if I tell you, can I trust you to stop? he found himself wondering.

Dorian smiled as the officer seemed to get lost in sensations, lost in the moment, lost in the gentle caresses.


Dorian actually jumped, his mouth dropping open. "Pardon?"

Klaus opened his eyes and looked at him. "The safe word is ‘enough.'" he repeated.

"And...are you using it?"

A pause. "No."

If the Major wanted to say more, he was prevented by the Earl locking onto his lips, devouring him with kisses. Dorian did not stop his kisses as he deftly opened the lubricant and squeezed some into the palm of his hand. Then he tossed the tube aside, reaching down to take hold of the Major's erection, causing the man to shudder and groan in pleasure.

Dorian reached up, putting his free hand behind the Major's neck to keep him from pulling away while his other hand pumped at his cock. Loud moans rose in the Major's throat as he was overwhelmed by the Earl's passion to the point that he felt he might drown in it. He couldn't breathe...

Klaus jerked his head back to gasp for breath, gulping down lungsful of air. Suddenly he understood why Z had allowed him to render him helpless. It was an incredible feeling, to be completely at the mercy of another as they took their pleasure. The Earl's hand did not pause a beat as he caught his breath. In fact, it started to move faster, harder.

A guttural noise rose in the Major's throat, causing the Earl to smile. Not much longer, he thought and shifted position to run his free hand over the man's very firm backside. That was all it took and the Major climaxed with a shudder and loud groan, impressing the Earl as he shot his cum several meters across the room as he ejaculated.

Klaus closed his eyes and went limp, letting his head slump forward. He only opened his eyes a crack as a gently kiss was planted on his lips. The expression on the Earl's face told him that this was only the beginning of his ordeal. He dared not guess what the man had in mind as he watched him cross to where Z had been watching as a very captive audience.

*  *  * * *

"You're just fucking eating this up, aren't you?" Klaus grumbled as the Earl finished the last of his bindings. His hands had yet to be released from the cuffs behind his back. The Earl had moved him to a padded table, where he was lain on his stomach and strapped down, the cuffs at this ankles locked into rings on either side, thus opening his legs.

"You can stop this at any time," Dorian reminded happily. "But what sort of example would that be for your star pupil?" He threw a quick glance over to Z, who had been released from the chair, but now had his hands cuffed in front of him. He stood only a few feet away, uncertain as to what his role was in all this.

Before the Major could think of a suitable comeback, the Earl was climbing up onto the table and between his legs. Then a slick finger was probing him from within, and he gasped, a startled cry escaping him.

"Oh, is this virgin territory, Major?" Dorian teased as the man's anus tightened around his finger. When he saw the man close his eyes, his mouth dropped open with the realization that this was possibly the truth and he immediately slowed the movement of his finger. His reached up with his free hand to gently caress the man's firm buttocks. "Please tell me that you were saving yourself for me," he sighed happily, smiling as he felt the muscles around his finger relaxing.

Klaus replied with an unintelligible grunt. The first finger was joined by a second, and then a third as he was very carefully prepared for entry. Then he felt the Earl's cock pressing against his ass, and he clamped his teeth together. To his amazement, Eroica remained motionless behind him, poised to enter his body, yet holding back.

"Relax, my beautiful Major," Dorian purred, gently running his hands up the man's body, over his bound arms and down again. "We'll take it very slowly..."

Klaus gave a low moan, closing his eyes, feeling his body relax. The pressure slowly increased, and he gave a small gasp when the Earl entered his body with careful thrusts. It was so deliciously terrifying. After a few minutes, the man's cock was fully buried inside him. Then Eroica paused to let the officer get used to the sensation, and Klaus squirmed in his bonds, which only escalated his feeling of helplessness.

Several minutes later, the Major was trying to figure out how everything that was happening had come about. The Earl was happily thrusting into him, making him crazy all over again. At the same time, Z was thrusting into the Earl, having pulled a step to the end of the table to get the proper angle of entry, as it were.

"Oh, what properly trained slave you have, Major," Dorian sighed. Z was following his every lead seamlessly.

Klaus replied with a guttural grunt, since this was about all he was capable of doing while the Earl continued to pound into him. That, and squirm until Eroica finally came with a joyful cry, his fingers digging in the Major's flesh.

A few seconds later, Z climaxed, and he leaned forward to plant tender kisses all over the Earl's back, much to Dorian's surprise. Yes, a very properly trained slave.

Dorian turned, holding out the key to the handcuffs. Z gave him a shy smile before stepping down from the table. Dorian turned back to unlock the cuffs securing the Major's hands behind his back, watching as they fell limply to his sides. My poor, exhausted darling.

Klaus did not move when he was released, feeling too exhausted to bother. He lay with his eyes closed, only to open them when the Earl laid across his back after he finished with the straps, becoming a soothing warmth on top of him. Then soft kisses were being placed across his shoulders and he shivered as the Earl's long, soft curls brushed against his skin.

Z returned with a wet cloth and dry towel to clean the pair off. He was startled when the Earl reached up, pulling him close to plant a gentle kiss on his mouth. He was so surprised he actually felt himself blushing.

Oh, you really are a sweet, darling boy! Dorian thought with a smile as he laid his head down on the Major's broad shoulders again. "What to you say now, Major?" he asked softly.

Klaus merely grunted. He could feel the Earl smiling as he shrugged his shoulders at the same time.

Dorian gave a contented sigh and said quietly, "I thought you'd say enough."

"Did you?" Klaus replied in an amused tone. "I thought you'd be spouting Shakespeare."

This got both the Earl and Z's attention. Dorian lifted his head, throwing an inquiring look over at Z, who shook his head and shrugged. Dorian shifted position so he could look into the man's face. "Shakespeare?"

Klaus did not move except to open his eyes. "Yeah. Y'know, ‘Macbeth.' Lay on Macduff..."

A bright smile spread across Dorian's face as he took up the quote. "And damn'd be him that first cries, ‘Hold, enough!'"

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *



Mr. James,

News of your publishing endeavour "Broken Hearts, Broken Promises" has just reached me. You can imagine my shock when I learned that you were actually accepting fictional accounts about my friends and acquaintances. The most recent submission made by that former KGB stooge, for instance! Well—I won't get into that now.

If you insist on publishing that bit of...fiction! then you will also include this story WITHOUT ALTERATIONS! And you will not come crying to me about it later if you want any used underwear in the future.

Dorian Red Gloria
Your BOSS!



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