Lèche-vitrine by Cassie Ingaben
Summary: “Lèche-vitrine” means “window-shopping” in French, but the literal translation is “window-licking”—which I think is wonderfully appropriate for Dorian.
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Chapter 1 by Cassie Ingaben

Dammit, where was that idiot? They had 20 minutes left, and Klaus hated playing hide-and-seek. On cue, Dorian appeared out of nowhere, smile shining in the false dawn.


“My heart, you should have seen it! Just round the corner, a Galliano shop—the most wonderful spread of shoes and accessories!”


Klaus sat on his impulse to do harm: the noise would attract attention. “You are saying that you stopped during a dangerous mission to, to… WINDOW-SHOP?”


Dorian’s face radiated innocence. “Why, wouldn’t you stop in front of an gun shop? Darling, you need to get out more, I tell you.”
End Notes:

Another FlashSlash challenge, this one in the form of a drabble: given 4 random words, complete a story containing them in 30 minutes or less. The words were: shoes and accessories; heart;  hide-and-seek; they had 20 minutes.  Word-prompting courtesy of Lyssa, who randomly took them out of the book she’s reading (Twilight. Nobody is perfect). 

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