Spiffy Tart Snippet by Cassie Ingaben

Coming home.

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This is a FlashSlash challenge: given 4 random words, complete a story containing them in 30 minutes. The words were: tart spray impression spiffy

1. Chapter 1 by Cassie Ingaben

Chapter 1 by Cassie Ingaben

The damn bugger was such a tart, thought Klaus acidly, as he strode up the few steps leading to the Castle’s entrance. Those clothes looked like they were spray-painted on. Couldn’t the idiot see he was giving an impression of complete sluttiness just by standing there? It was obscene!


“Darling! You’re here!”


Klaus put his hands up: “Don’t touch me! Don’t even come near me in those clothes!”


Dorian deftly insinuated himself past the outstretched arms, and welcomed his beloved home with a long kiss. “I’ll have you know I’ve spent three full hours getting all spiffy to welcome you back!” Not bothering to answer, Klaus grabbed a handful of curls and pulled Dorian into another kiss.


“Oh, I love it when you’re all forceful! I missed you too, you know. Come inside, now—if you really hate my clothes so much, you can help me get rid of them.”



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