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The Major devises the perfect plan to rid himself of Eroica forever. Or so he believes.

A predictable story, a predictable ending, with some very unpredictable events--and lots of sex--along the way. 

It contains, in no particular order: Sex, Drugs & Violence (OT3),  Caveman!Klaus,  Caveman!Dorian,  Plastered!Klaus,  Plastered!Dorian,  Well-Hung!Klaus ;-D,  Scheming!Klaus,  Scheming!Dorian... Well, you get the idea.

Followed by a sequel Feet Of Clay

Rated: NC-17
Characters: Bonham, Dorian, James, Klaus
Genres: Alternate Universe, Drama, First Time, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: graphic sex, lemon, non-con, violence
Challenges: None
Series: PWP and Other Smutty Things
Chapters: 10 Completed: Yes
Word count: 15031 Read: 130945
Published: 13/07/2006 Updated: 13/07/2006

1. The Major Has A Plan by Margaret Price [Reviews - 3] (1394 words)

This story would not have been possible without the generosity of [info]mosellegreen a.k.a Kadorienne, who shared her plot bunnies concerning the Major's scheme, sort of, thus inspiring this lovely tale of sex, drugs & violence.

2. The Earl Has...Difficulties by Margaret Price [Reviews - 1] (1659 words)

3. The Meeting by Margaret Price [Reviews - 0] (1059 words)

4. Revenge by Margaret Price [Reviews - 1] (2105 words)

5. There's More Than One Way To Get Hammered by Margaret Price [Reviews - 0] (908 words)

While being necessary to the plot, this chapter, for the most part, is purely gratuitous because I think the boys are so adorable when they're hammered.

6. Have We Met? by Margaret Price [Reviews - 1] (894 words)

7. Starting Over by Margaret Price [Reviews - 1] (2412 words)

8. Show Me by Margaret Price [Reviews - 1] (1417 words)

9. Rainy Days And Sundays by Margaret Price [Reviews - 1] (1635 words)

10. All Good Things... by Margaret Price [Reviews - 5] (1548 words)