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Summary: A yearning for sourdough and San Francisco...

Rated: PG-13
Characters: Dorian, Klaus
Genres: First Time, Romance
Warnings: None
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Word count: 1077 Read: 6026
Published: 05/03/2006 Updated: 05/03/2006

1. Coast by TPod [Reviews - 4] (1077 words)
Warnings: None, really. This is a ridiculous snippet brought on by a sudden intense desire to lose myself in the wilderness of Big Sur, and realizing that I was stuck in Memphis. Also, beware, I know very little about this fandom, although I've been reading fic from it for quite some time. If I screw up on canonical details, please bear with me; though this ficlet is really too small for details. In fact, this warning is almost longer than the snippet.