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Summary: A mission brings both the Major and Eroica into close quarters, leading to a physical confrontation that changes the Major’s course unalterably.
Rated: NC-17
Characters: Dorian, Klaus
Genres: Action/Adventure, First Time
Warnings: graphic sex, lemon
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 15209 Read: 4718
Published: 12/03/2006 Updated: 12/03/2006

1. Complete by xof [Reviews - 3] (15209 words)

Notes: This is my first attempt at an Eroica fic.  I’ve written tons of QAF stories - both UK and US.  Also La Femme Nikita.  So it is with GREAT thanks and many long hours that I have to thank two people for their help.  Thank you to Alexis for helping me with some techie inspiration and for betaing the story when it was done.  And MANY thanks to Nico for spending months (literally) - talking me through, making suggestions, helping me with the German and so many many things in the creation of this fic.  She made me work (!!!) for this story, and it’s all the better for her suggestions.  Hugs to you both.

Special Thanks to Eve!  This fic was supposed to be in the zine she’s working to create, but I couldn’t make the deadline…lol.  The special thanks comes from her literally saving the story’s life twice.  She was able to resend me my original outline after first my computer crashed and had to be reformatted, and then when I lost the outline after the file was corrupted and made inaccessible.  Many thanks to you for it even seeing the light of day!  

Warnings: Cursing - hehe.  Sorry, I know that’s not really a warning - this is KLAUS, after all…lol.

German used:

Scheiße = Shit

Verdammte Schwuchtel = Damn Fag

Dummkopf = Numb Skull

Fick dich ins Knie = Fuck you (literally, "Go Fuck Your Knee")

Verdammt = Damn

Verdammter Dieb! = Damn Thief

Jetzt, verdammt! = Now, damn it.

Jetzt, komm! = Now, come (on)!