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Reviewer: sherryillk (Signed) [Report This]
Date: 10/10/2010 01:12 | Title: Chapter 2

I actually shed a tear during this chapter... Poor Dorian...

Reviewer: Aini (Signed) [Report This]
Date: 11/05/2010 07:33 | Title: Chapter 1

As promised, here's the more detailed review. ;)

Loved the small details you put into the story, such as Dorian cutting his hair. Even the statement of the scars on Klaus' feet was enough to make me imagine the imagery. Nicely done on that factor.

As stated on LJ, the characters were very much themselves, or as much as they could possibly be, considering you're not their creator and this isn't a part of the original manga series. But this story could very easily be a part of the original stuff.

Again, nicely done. I do look forward to reading more from you. :D

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