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Author's Chapter Notes:
Warnings: Forced rhyme, slanted rhyme, nudity, lime, voyerism, chibi abuse, Santa Klaus, possibly humor, misspellings



'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Downs
Not a creature was stirring, Dorian thought with a frown.
In the closet hung whips and others toys of abuse
In hopes that an arrival could put them to good use.

Jamsie was nestled all snug in my bed
While visions of adds 'n' sums danced in his head.
Tired of waiting, cursing myself for a sap.
I had just settled down for a quick winter's nap.

When outside the house there arose such a bellow
I sprang from my bed to see the loud fellow.
Away to the window I flew in the nude
Wondering who in the world could be quite so crude.

I stared at the scene with quiet surprise.
Shocked and unable to believe sleepy eyes.
But oh this was more than the tired mind invents!
It was a miniature Leopard and eight chibi agents!

With a tall German driver yelling without pause.
I knew in a second it must be St. Klaus!
Panting and gasping the chibis still came
And he bellowed and shook his fist and called them all names.

Across the road, now over the wall!
Faster now faster or Alaska for all!

As the fat chief jumps when he sits on a tack.
The agents heaved to, nearly breaking each back.
And up to the porch the chibis they flew.
With the tank full of goodies and Santa Klaus too!

The poor chibis collapsed, earning a glare
As Klaus hopped from the tank, down to the stair.
As I threw on my robe and was tying the sash.
St. Eberich shot down the door with a crash!

He was dressed in a suit, militarily pressed
And a horrible tie dangled over his chest.
A bundle of stuff was flung on his back
And the barrel of a gun poked out from the pack.

His eyes how they glittered! His hair so shiny.
Lovely long legs, and a gorgeous hinny.
His sensous mouth was drawn down in a pout.
When he caught sight of me he opened it to shout.

I halted him with a smile and a twist of my hips
And then a sweet smirk twitched on his lips
He had a lovely face and a flat washboard belly.
That rippled as he twisted to get out the jelly.

His undershirt was was set aside, tossed over the chair.
Soon he was clad in nothing but a smile and his hair.
I let my robe slip down, face flushed with desire.
And taking my hand we lay down by the fire.

He said not a word but went right to his work
Filling my arse with a sharp little jerk.
And the chibis up to the window did creep
Pushing little faces to the glass for a peek.

Klaus glared at his team and gave out a shout.
And away they all scattered wearing cute little pouts.
I hear them all squeek, ere they dashed into the night.

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