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By Margaret Price

Klaus was leaning against his car, staring at the warehouse before him. It looked like every other building in there area, although he knew this was not the case. Inside held the information he needed, along with a wide range of things he did not. He was dressed in casual street clothes rather than his customary suit and tie.

Eroica came up beside him, silently watching as he finished his cigarette. –How do you want to play this? Shall I take the lead?”

The Major drew a final long breath on the cigarette before flicking the butt away. –Yes. You’re the expert in these matters.”

Eroica nodded and tried not to smile as he turned to look at the building. –Just…try not to be too shocked by everything. You may call me a pervert, but you’re about to meet a man that I consider a pervert.”

The Major’s eyebrows went up. He wasn’t sure how to react to this.

–They don’t call him the Dungeon Master for nothing.”

Klaus gave a snort, nodding toward the building. –That hardly looks like a dungeon.”

–We haven’t been inside yet.”

* * *

When Klaus stepped through the entrance, the scowl on his face deepened. Dungeon indeed. It looked like a normal warehouse for office furniture. He gave the Earl a dark look but was prevented from saying anything when a tall, dark man in an expensive tailored suit strode up to them, his hand extended. –Gentlemen, welcome to the Furniture Outlet. Is there anything I can show you?”

Eroica flashed an enchanting smile. –We’re here to see Max.”

The Major noticed the man’s body language changed instantly. He seemed to stiffen and looked them up and down in a way that made him feel distinctly uncomfortable.

–Right this way, gentlemen.”

They were led through a section of the building and then through a door that the man used a card key to open. –If you gentlemen will wait here, I’ll get Max for you,” the man said politely before he vanished.

Eroica turned to the Major and could not help but grin at the look on his face. He was staring around himself in wide-eyed astonishment. –I told you it had a dungeon in it.”

Klaus nodded dully. This was what he had expected. Displays of whips, chains, mannequins in leather, equipment that he did not even want to contemplate the uses of, and sex toys of all shapes, sizes, and…colors?

–Eroica!” a voice cried out happily. –It’s been a long time since you’ve been to my dungeon,” the Dungeon Master said, eying the Major in a way that made him even more uncomfortable.

–Much too long, Max,” Eroica replied.

–And this is—?” Max broke off, saying instead, –Or are we not using names?”

Klaus was sure his face was a high color of red by this time but he was on a mission, and that meant enduring a pervert’s pervert. –Just call me Major,” he said tersely, ignoring the outstretched hand.

–Oh, he’s a shy one,” Max said with a smirk.

–Come now, Max, you know why we’re here,” Eroica chided gently.

Max gave him a knowing look before holding out a hand. –Let me give you a tour.”

Klaus drew a deep breath and told himself not to pitch a fit—or bolt through the door. He noticed that some of the various objects even made the Earl uncomfortable. Good, at least I’m not the only one getting the creeps in here.

The tour finally ended in one of the small back rooms that Max indicated were used by certain select individuals for –private entertaining.” This one was actually two rooms, with a two-way mirror in the wall between, where the…activities in the main room could be viewed by others.

This particular main room contained a strange looking device that the Major was afraid to even attempt to identify. The fact that it had two sets of cuffs on it indicated that it was meant to bind someone, but the position they would have to be in…

–Now, Major, the information you’re after…” Max said mildly, holding out a hand, –is in this room.” He gave the Earl a small smile and a nod.

The Major’s eyes narrowed. Despite all the other emotions raging through him, he could still sense a conspiracy when he saw it. His senses did not fail him, although it seemed as though everything else did. He turned to Eroica just a mist was sprayed in his face. It was not enough to render him unconscious, but was enough to render him senseless and easily overpowered. Within a few minutes, he was stripped of his clothes, and on his hands and knees being strapped into the cuffs that he had been eying when he entered the room. As soon as he got his senses back, he was screaming every obscenity he could think of, struggling against the heavy restraints.

–Not a very promising beginning,” Max said mildly.

–Major, you said you wanted this information desperately,” Eroica reminded calmly.

–Goddamn bloody pervert!” Klaus screamed still struggling to no avail against the restraints. –You set me up!”

Eroica gave a small smile, exchanging a knowing look with Max. –How long do you think it will take for us to get the information we require?”

Max looked down at the Major’s struggling form and could not help admiring the powerful muscles straining against his bindings. –Difficult to say. How much stamina does he have?”

–Iron Klaus is a tank,” Eroica replied with a smile.

–Bastards! Let me out of this thing!”

Max had opened what looked like a toolbox and was in the process of assembling the parts inside. –We’ll have to take this in stages, then.”

Klaus strained to see what he was doing. –That the fuck is that?” he demanded.

Max could not help but chuckle at his choice of words. –You’ll think I’m making this up,” he said as he slid the box into position between the Major’s spread legs. –It’s a fucking machine.”

The Major’s eyes grew wide and he looked up at the Earl as best he could. –You wouldn’t,” he gasped.

Eroica made a show of pushing his hair out of his face, saying nothing.

–I’m gonna kill you, you fucking pervert!”

–I think we'll start this out on the low setting,” Max said mildly. –Two inches to start, Major? A nice short fuck.”

Klaus gave a sharp cry of alarm as the dildo attached to a rod drove into his body. He struggled frantically as it continued a slow steady rhythm of strokes. –Aaarg!”

–Oh, Major, I think I’m getting turned on,” Eroica sighed as the officer strained against the machine, his muscles bulging from the effort.

Klaus wanted to scream at him but was unable to do so while attempting to breathe.

–Wonderful little gadget,” Max said proudly. –Two speeds and never gets tired.”

The response from the Major was a loud primal cry.

–How long shall we give him?” Eroica asked blandly, his eyes glinting with sexual arousal as he watched the officer’s futile struggles.

–Fifteen minutes?” Max suggested, holding out a hand. –May I offer you some tea?”

–How lovely.”

* * *

–More than an hour and he’s still struggling,” Max said in amazement as he and the Earl watched the Major through the two-way mirror.

–I told you, the man’s a tank,” Eroica said knowingly.

Max nodded. –Why don’t you up the stimulation a bit more?”

Eroica’s eyes grew wide. –More? You’ve already increased the length of the strokes to six inches.”

–It’s still on the low setting,” Max informed. –And you still haven’t touched him yet.”

–Um, Max, I’m not…”

–You came to me for the information, remember?”

–Yes.” Eroica gave a resigned sigh. The only way to get the information the Major sought was to do exactly what Max told him, even if he found it...perverted.

* * *

Klaus started when the door opened again. Every fifteen minutes, they had come in to –check” on him. Now what are they gonna do? The first time the pervert Max had changed the angle of the fucking machine. Then he changed the length of the strokes to four inches. After that, he changed the length to six inches.

Klaus was aware of the man coming to stand beside him, but was also unable to speak, as the unrelenting assault on his body left him gasping for each breath.

–How do you like the machine, my lovely Major?” Eroica asked calmly.

Klaus responded with a loud growl.

–I see. Perhaps a little faster?” Eroica touched a control, doubling the speed of the long thrusts.

Klaus responded with a primal scream and renewed his struggling.

–Aren’t you getting just a little bit tired, you beautiful man?” Eroica asked, running a hand over the back that was now slick with sweat. –You have such wonderful muscle tone. How long do you think you can keep on fighting?” he purred as his hand continued to play over the officer’s body, moving downward and then around until he could take hold of his cock.

–Aargh!” was all Klaus could manage to articulate as the Earl started to stroke his cock, teasing it into an erection amid the unrelenting onslaught of the machine thrusting into him.

–Is it perverse of me to be jealous of that machine?” Eroica asked as his fingers continued in their maddening stroking of the Major’s now straining erection.

Unable to give any kind of an articulate reply, Klaus nodded vigorously.

–Perhaps you’re right.”

Eroica continued his ministrations, and gave a smile of triumph when the Major climaxed with a loud cry, his body practically convulsing at the same time. Then he went completely limp and the smile vanished from the Earl’s face.

–Major?” he said sheepishly, lifting the man’s head. –Major? Klaus? Oh my God!” Eroica practically fell over backwards. –Max!” he screamed. –Max, I’ve killed him!”

Max was through the door in seconds, taking in the situation. He turned off the machine, extracting it from the Major’s body at the same time. Then he checked the man over, a knowing smile coming to this face. –You haven’t killed him, Eroica. He passed out.”

–What…? Oh, thank God!” Eroica cried, a trembling hand going to his mouth.

–Help me get him loose,” Max said calmly.

 * * *

When Klaus finally opened his eyes, he found himself on a couch, the Earl hovering over him. –Klaus, can you hear me?”

Klaus responded with a grunt. –Was…?”

–You…passed out,” Eroica said sheepishly.

The officer’s eyebrows went up. –Really?”

–Yes.” A pause. –Are you…okay?”

–Okay?” Klaus struggled to sit up, finding himself dressed again. –That was…incredible!”

Relief flooded over the Earl’s face. –I’m forgiven, then?”

Klaus took the Earl’s face in his hands and kissed him. –Yes. You’re forgiven. I know I told you to take me by surprise sometime, but Mein Gott! Dorian!”

Before the Earl could think of anything to say, Max was asking, –I take it you’re satisfied with the information I provided, Major?”


–We’ll take the set, Max,” Eroica stated happily. He turned back to look at Klaus and smiled. –And when we get home, I’m gonna watch that little machine fuck you senseless again, my lovely machine maniac.”

Klaus gave him a sideways glance. –I think I’ll let you.”

Eroica rolled his eyes. –I’ve created a monster.”

Klaus took him by the hair and pulled him down into his lap. –I already was a monster,” he stated flatly before kissing the Earl very passionately on the mouth.

* * *

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