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Dorian Red Gloria lay back down onto his bed, stretching his limbs out, giving a half tired, half frustrated sigh. He let the empty bottle of wine slip out of his hand and on the floor, where it produced a loud thud.

IÕm so drunkÉ He closed his eyes and tried to finally sleep, but, in his drunkenness, he saw the MajorÕs face appear in his mind, more vivid and real than ever. His eyes snapped open again.

No, it wasnÕt possible. It couldnÕt be possible! His Major, his beautiful face, those sexy eyes, every part of his loverÕs body had hunted him merciless since that early night, and just the very thought of him was enough to deprive Dorian of his sleep and to drive him crazy with lust.

Since they had become lovers, Dorian had spent a lot of time thinking about Klaus when the officer was away in Bonn or on a mission, so those feelings werenÕt certainly new to him. But that night they were different: stronger than ever, frustrating, almost painful, and Dorian knew perfectly well why: the day after Klaus would have left Bonn to come back to Castle Gloria, to him, after nearly two months of absence. Since that early afternoon Dorian had had difficulties hiding his enthusiasm and the nearer the night got, the more his desire grew into him at the thought of what sort of forbidden things he could do to his Major just the day after.

HeÕd spent the whole night with thoughts like those in his mind and all the while the MajorÕs image had been there before his eyes, indelible and so fucking untouchable. Now Dorian couldnÕt take it anymore, he wanted to have his lover near him, to hold him tight into his arms, to kiss his mouth and run his hands all over his perfect body and finallyÉthat thought made his cock twitch, and instinctively the blond Earl brought a hand between his legs to lightly rub it through the fabric of his pants. HeÕd tried to erase the Major from his mind and to calm somehow his repressed lust, but his thoughts were driving him insane. HeÕd walked around the room, done push-ups, sung a lullaby to himself, heÕd even prayed Ð he, an atheist!
When no one of his attempts, not even masturbation had managed to heal his frustration-induced insomnia, heÕd hoped that at least alcohol might have made him drift into a peaceful sleep.
Nothing. After drinking an entire bottle of wine he was still far from falling asleep and, worst of all, KlausÕ face was still there, tormenting him.

He rolled onto his side on the bed, staring into the darkness. Suddenly the telephone on the bedside table captured his attention. The first relieving thought of that sleepless night crossed his mind.

Well, if I canÕt have him right nowÉperhaps I could just phone him? At least now he should be at the SchlossÉ

That sounded like the right thing to do, and Dorian soon made up his mind. Slowly, because his senses were clouded by the alcohol, he reached out to pick up the receiver and dialled the number.

ThereÕs no need for an excuse to call him. WeÕre actually lovers, he should be pleased to hear me at any time, even though he tries not to show itÉwho knows, maybe he canÕt sleep, too; maybe heÕs thinking of meÉIÕll just call him to let him know how I feel about the very thought of himÉIÕll tell him about my fantasies and all the things IÕm going to do to him once we get together againÉwhy not? Phone-fucking him might be rather excitingÉmaybe it will help me feel better thenÉ

Meanwhile the phone had already rung a few times. He must be asleepÉmaybe I shouldnÕt disturb him, heÕll be very angry thenÉ When he was about to lose hope and hang up, someone finally answered.

HalloÉ? A low, tired voice muttered.

It must be him! The Earl thought in joy. The old butler canÕt be awake at such a late hour.

’Good evening, my love, howÕre you?“

There were a few seconds of silence at the other end of the phone, then a shocked, almost inaudible whisper. Who-whoÕs it?

’IÕm your biggest desire, baby. Your forbidden dream“

What? I reallyÉ

’DonÕt you recognize me yet, my Darling Major?“ Dorian laughed. ’How forgetful of you. WeÕve been lovers for three years. How could you forget all those nights of passion and lust we spent together? Those hours of long, wild sex? I love those nights, Darling, how sexy and absolutely irresistible you are when we make love. Just the very thought of you naked in my bed doesnÕt let me sleep. I wish you were here, my love, I miss your body so muchÉ“

HemÉlisten, there must beÉ

’Oh, donÕt be shy, I know you love it, too“ the Earl interrupted. ’You really like it when I fuck you, don't you, Major? If you didn't, you wouldn't give all those delighted moans. Have I ever told you how sexy your sounds of pleasure are? Especially when you come, when you only think about how hard and deep I slam my dick into you, isn't it true, Klaus? You absolutely love having me inside you. You love it that much that you even beg for it! Who would have ever said that? Iron Klaus begs for Eroica to fuck him! You're hot when you beg, when you scream my name...you're even louder in bed than at workÉ“


"Oh my love, you're always the same!" Dorian said, ignoring the insult. "I like you the best when you swear. You're so forceful and beautifully terrifying when you're vulgar, you turn me on..."

W-wait a minute, IÉ

Dorian didn't care for his interlocutor's every attempt to interrupt the conversation, and went on. "I can't wait until tomorrow to have you back into my arms, I want you right now, my love! Oh my God, Major, I swear, when you get here tomorrow IÕll drag you to my room, strip you naked and ravage you“


’I think IÕll fuck you immediately, for by the time we get into the bedroom IÕll be too excited to wait for preliminariesÉthose will come laterÉas to start, we might have a first round on the floor, where IÕll have you on your hands and kneesÉI like fucking you in that position, Major. ItÕs true that I canÕt see your eyes or kiss you, but I can touch your perfect body, caress your strong, naked back, bite your neckÉ oh, the only thought of you knelt down in front of meÉtotally under my controlÉIÕm going to fuck you so hard, all night longÉ but now tell me about you, my Darling: how would you like to be fucked next?“

At the other end of the phone there was an astonished silence, full of stillborn attempts of answer.

When he didnÕt get any response from the Major, Dorian insisted. ’Hello? Did you lose your tongue, Major? Are you too excited to speak?“

HemÉL-lord GloriaÉ it was all the other managed to say.

Dorian laughed. ’Major, you use to call me Dorian when we have sex! You donÕt need to be so detached right now!“

Lord GloriaÉItÕs ZÉ the young agent finally whispered, almost inaudibly.

Dorian stood silent for a few moments, then laughed in drunken amusement, as if he found that whole, disastrous misunderstanding the funniest thing in the world.

’Oh, Z, dear, what a pleasant surprise! I must have dialled the wrong number, I was looking for the Maj‘’

I knowÉ the MajorÉshould be at the Schloss right nowÉ he muttered, rather embarrassed for the situation heÕd found himself in. You should call him there, Lord Gloria. IÕm sure you two have, wellÉimportant things to discussÉ

’Yes, we do have really important programs to make!“ said Dorian, whose words now didnÕt respond to his brain anymore. ’Then I suppose IÕll try to call him againÉIÕm really sorry that IÕve phoned you this late at night, dear, I was sure IÕd called the SchlossÉ I hope I havenÕt disturbed your sleep too muchÉ“

N-noÉIÕm just fine, d-donÕt worryÉ

’Oh, then itÕs okÉ goodnight Z, sleep well!“ the Earl said with a childish laugh, and hung up, going back to lay his head on the pillow.

The childish grin was still on his lips, giving his face an idiotic, half-conscious expression. Evidently, lost in his moment of drunkenness, he still couldnÕt understand the enormous mistake that call had made.

ZÉitÕs been a long time since I last saw himÉ He was glad heÕd heard from the blond, cute agent again. He was almost happy heÕd dialled the wrong number, even if Klaus still didnÕt know aboutÉ

Oh, letÕs forget about Klaus! Dorian finally stated. Now that heÕd told someone, even if not his beloved Major, what he felt inside, now that his mind was finally free, he felt much better. Now I can finally go to sleep in peace! For the first time that night he was able to totally relax, and immediately the so craved tiredness claimed his senses.

Well, so much the better! IÕll show Klaus what I have in mind directly tomorrow! It will be a pleasant surpriseÉ and with this thought in mind he fell in a deep, peaceful sleep.


Z hung up the phone, lowering the receiver slowly, and then stood by the small table in the corridor for a long minute, thoughtful, in fact, unsure of what to do.
He would have never expected the Earl to call him at such a late hour, looking for the Major.

Maybe somehow he found outÉ he thought, suspiciously, then shook his head. No, he was just drunk, itÕs a mere coincidence he called me instead of the Major.

But the thing that had surprised him the most was the description the Earl had given of the Major in bed: going by what the Earl had said, the Major was really a great whore. Z had always known the Major as a strong, masterful man, and it had been a little of a shock to hear all those obscenities about his boss being EroicaÕs sex slave.

After another minute of silence, he shrugged his shoulders, wiping a lock of blond, sweaty hair from his face. Oh, who cares! Who cares if he likes being dominated by Lord Gloria? He can do whatever he wants with himÉitÕs not like heÕs cheating on me. In fact, itÕs quite the contraryÉ

Yes, because the Major wasÉwell, he wasÉ


At the sound of that voice, Z started and went back to the bedroom. He slid into bed and into his loverÕs arms, which wrapped around him, enveloping him into a warm embrace.

’Who was it?“ the Major asked, kissing the top of ZÕs head.

’Nobody. Just some drunkard who dialled the wrong number“

’Bloody idiots“ the Major snorted. ’Have nothing better to do than pissing off good citizens at the most inopportune moments. I thought at least at your place we wouldnÕt have been interrupted by Eroica or anybody else“

’IÕm sorry“ Z said, almost unconsciously. Yes, in the very bottom of his soul, he was still a bit sorry for the poor Earl, whom he and Klaus were making a fool of for more than a year and half.

’DonÕt need to be sorry,“ Klaus said, softly putting two fingers on the young agentÕs lips. ’LetÕs forget about it“. And saying so, his mouth was already kissing the skin of ZÕs neck.

’YeahÉletÕs forget“ the agent said in a low purr, more to himself than to his lover.

’SoÉwhere did we leave off?“ the Major asked, grinning, before pushing the blond down under him and capturing his mouth in a deep kiss.

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