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He hated being away from Lord Gloria for so long! It was pure torture, imagining all the beautiful money the other man was squandering while he was languishing, miserable, in such a grey and overcast country. "They can't even drive on the proper side of the road," James groused softly as a passing vehicle kicked up a spray of water that misted his hiding place.

Quickly shaking the water from his newspaper, James lifted it once more to observe the blond man he was tailing through two roughly cut-out, eye-shaped holes. It was several days old now, having stolen it from one of the neighboring flat's trash bin when he had first arrived. Newspapers were such useful things! Reading material, blanket, and disguise - all without having to spend a single mark. After all, unlike his beloved earl, he understood the value of money. Everything worth doing could either make or save money. Which was why he couldn't understand why he was in Bonn, as his being there did neither.

More correctly, James knew why he specifically was there - it was because none of the others had wanted to go and had "volunteered" him for the job. But even after Lord Gloria's explanation, the accountant couldn't see how this was a good idea. They wouldn't make any money from having the NATO agent observed. And no matter how hard he tried, he still had to spend some money, although he planned on mailing himself C.O.D. back to London as soon as possible.

Because honestly, Agent Zed led a truly boring life. While every day was a little different, the main themes seemed to be the same. Sometimes a very beautiful brunette would join him. When she was there, James didn't mind watching in on them as much. But on the other hand, sometimes scary Uncle NATO would be there. Then, he would be grateful for his newspaper. The edges were badly worn from where he'd gripped it so tightly. The major was truly a horrible man, and he felt sorry for Zed, having to put up with him not just at work but also during his free time.

Today had proved to be no exception. James crouched in a most non-cowering manner behind his paper once the machine maniac joined Agent Zed. As both men talked quietly, some sort of joke seemed to pass between them. Z laughed while the major merely smiled at him. It always sent a shiver through the accountant's spine to see Major Eberbach smile. That curve of his mouth always meant trouble, often in the form of beatings. Poor, poor Agent Zed! Maybe not now, but that smile surely meant he would get a pounding later.

'Ew,' James thought sadly as a pack of cigarettes was passed from major to subordinate. 'Disgusting habit.'

He could clearly envision all the money literally burned up by the habit of smoking. No matter how wonderful the earl looked, how seductive it was when he sucked on the end of one of his classy cigarettes, it was still a terrible waste of money. Maybe on the way to the post office, he could steal some to bring back to Lord Glo-

'Did they just-?' James adjusted the position of his paper to see better. No, they couldn't have. Shaking his head in amusement, he returned his thoughts to money well saved. If he could steal enough cigarettes, he might even be able to make up for the time spent out here. Ahh, he couldn't wait to go home...

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